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We offer all disciplines of general medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy and nutritional advice and are happy to support you.


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Our team of doctors led by Dr. Christian Braunger in Sophienstrasse 40 offers Stuttgart and its visitors medical services in general medicine, primary care and naturopathy.

We support and assist our patients based on an individual and personal approach. We understand our patients want treatments that respect the needs of both the body and the mind.

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We regard health as more than the absence of illness and place it at the centre of our medical support.  We want to help you getting better soon and want to assist you in maintaing your health on all levels.

We regularly ask for our patient’s feedback and know they value our expert care, easy access and short waiting times. We understand you want to receive exactly the treatment that meets your needs. And choose whichever additional treatments make sense to you and your well-being.

we aim to help you

maintaining health

Get to know us and explore  what you can do for maintaining your health.

Feel free to take a look at our News to find out what events we currently offer (e.g. talks on  healthy weight loss without dieting) as well as pictures of past events.


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Dr. Christian Braunger and our team

We offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatments within the area of general and family medicine. Our technical equipment is always up to date and at your service.


Acupuncture is a treatment that has evolved as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Therapeutic effects are achieved by stimulating distinct points along the meridians of your body.

24/7 online appointments

Contact us online whenever you want or call us during our general consulting hours.


In many cases, nature can be the best healer. As part of naturopathy we try not relying on pharmaceuticals only. We aim to use natural remedies and treatments.

Therapeutic methods from diverse fields of naturopathy aim at providing holistic  care for patients. One of our focuses is supporting weight loss and diet optimisation with our nutritional program novabalance, but also vital treatments for immune enhancement and naturopathic pain management.

In pain therapy we apply acupuncture, which by now has established its scientifically proven effectiveness. In the areas of allergy treatment and smoking cessation, we integrate acupuncture into a successful treatment plan.

We place emphasis on a modern and friendly atmosphere and meet our patients by offering individual methods of treatment. We would like you to get better soon and protect your health.

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