Influenza approaching – make sure you are protected!

Viral flu (influenza) is approaching as in every year. It is transmitted easily via droplet infection, e.g. by sneezing, coughing or shaking hands. This simple way of infection makes virtually everyone vulnerable to catching influenza, even completely healthy people. The infection risk is therefore highest where a lot of people meet, e.g. in public transport, working areas, schools or shopping centers. The only effective protection is a vaccination against influenza.

Die every year in Germany about 500 people from AIDS, about 6,000 people on the road and up to 15,000 people at the viral flu. The annual flu vaccination is the only preventive measure, which can reduce the health risks of influenza in all age groups. As the strains of influenza viruses are characterized by an amazing adaptability, must be vaccinated against the currently active agents every fall again. The term of protection is generally 6 months to 1 year.

For questions about flu and vaccinations, we are happy to help in our practice. The most common patient questions about the flu shot we have also together for you here:

What symptoms indicate a genuine virus flu? – Sudden onset: Patients feel suddenly very ill and weak – fever over 39 ° C – chills / sweats – headache – muscle joint pain – Dry cough

In the common cold, the “runny nose” main symptom is; Fever usually does not exist.

How to Protect flu vaccines? Influenza vaccines activate the human immune system and cause it to antibodies against the influenza surface receptor hemagglutinin (HA) to form. The vaccine protection begins at the earliest after a week and is completely formed after about two weeks. The HA antibodies prevent infection, because the virus can not attach to their target cells.

When is the best time to get vaccinated? Vaccination is recommended in the fall (September through November), so that the protection is built in time for the flu season. Often, influenza activity began in our region until the beginning of the new year; even a vaccine is available for people who want to protect still possible and useful, as long observations in Europe have shown that epidemics can still prevail until the end of March / early April.

Can a flu shot trigger a flu? The vaccines are free of infectious particles, but isolated and purified ingredients (antigens) of the virus. You can not cause flu. Often my vaccinated, they would now be immune from all cold viruses. But influenza vaccines can only provide protection against the real virus flu. There is also no clinical evidence that inadvertent vaccination in the incubation of an infection or an influenza infection may usher in an aggravation of the impending disease.

Can the vaccine have serious side effects? Influenza vaccines are very well tolerated. In relation to the annual vaccinated doses very few adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are reported. Of course, it can sometimes come or local reactions at the injection site for a short time to general symptoms such as mild fever and malaise. This vaccine reactions normally disappear after a few days spontaneously without treatment.

City Air Makes Pollen Aggressive

Compared to previous years, the pollen starts not only before, but also takes longer. Meanwhile, in Germany only December is free of pollen. Thus the 12 million German Pollenallergiker feel the effects of climate change – particularly strong in large cities.

In fact, make reforestation programs (in Japan), increased emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2 in the US) and longer growing seasons (Europe) for a world stronger pollen. In the past 25 years could be observed in two-thirds of all plant a flowering earlier in Central Europe.

Nasal mucosa reacts to pollen proteins

Pollens are small chemical plants that operate under similar climatic and environmental conditions in full swing. And they contain very different amounts of allergen. They must not burst only and scatter its entire contents to plague allergy sufferers. It is sufficient if they transport stress proteins from their interior to the surface and thus make them accessible. Such a sharp made pollen summons on the nasal mucosa of inflammatory cells and thus solves the unpleasant irritation from.

As agitators acting air pollutants. are clearly identified as such so far diesel soot particles. To what extent also contribute to other pollutants has yet to be explored. In fact, we find differences in birch pollen from the countryside and from the city. Traffic Offenders city air increases the bioavailability of pollen allergens and the concentration of inflammatory substances. This makes the pollen clearly aggressive.

Also on the question of new allergens, there is preliminary evidence. Also Ambrosia or ragweed ragweed, called: because of the US plant immigrated to Europe, which could enable the allergy incidence a new boost. Germany has largely spared it yet, but the first growing areas already blooming in the Rhine-Main area around Mannheim. Even in mild coastal regions and in Berlin you can find the herb already.

Compared with other Ambrosia pollen are harmless

Ambrosia has what it takes. In the US, ragweed pollen is the most common allergen is pollen far and wide. His aggression is feared. While making birch or grass pollen than two out of ten people sick, Ambrosia this creates eight. Initial tests with German school children have shown that up to 15 percent to ragweed sensitized, even though the plant is not native to us.

However, only about 10 percent of the allergies are treated consistently in Germany. This is partly because traditional medical methods, such as desensitization are very long and accompanied by side effects. More and more patients are opting for naturopathic treatments that can help virtually free of side effects of allergies. These include the individual’s own blood therapy, acupuncture and homeopathy. Even hypnotherapy can help level to stabilize the immune system and modulate the defense.

Protein-Rich Diet Helps With Weight Loss

Depending protein-rich diet, the better to control appetite succeed: A study shows that protein-rich diet reduces hunger and increases satiety. Researchers at the University of Missouri have shown that a protein-rich diet makes full longer and therefore the total number of calories per day significantly behind that of other diets remains – just in case of obese men who want to lose weight.

According to the study, published in the journal “Obesity”, a high protein content in the diet leads to less food cravings at night and in the morning. The researchers divided their small study, 27 subjects into two groups. In one passed 25 percent of the food of protein, in the other it was only 14 percent. For both groups, the total daily calories and the fat content in the diet in about were the same.

Heather Leidy, study author and professor at the University of Missouri, yet observed a clear advantage for the group with high-protein diet. “Diets in which 18 to 35 percent of calories come from proteins, require a reduced hunger and an increased feeling of satiety throughout the day and evening hours away,” says the researcher.

During the study, Leidy and her colleagues also conducted a sub-study to Esshäufigkeit. In it, participants in both groups fed either three or six times a day. For those who had a normal protein in the diet, it did not matter how often they ate. For the group with a high protein content that was different: those who only ate three times a day were evening and night richer than those who ate six times a day.

High protein breakfast makes up for the day

This study confirms previous research that showed that higher protein diets, including bringing breakfasts with egg, a lower overall calories throughout a day with them. A study published last year showed that men about 112 kilocalories less consumed at a buffet lunch, and 400 kilocalories one parten throughout the day when they were started with a protein-rich breakfast of eggs in the day. Another study revealed that obese Decreasing the eggs eaten for breakfast lost 65 percent more weight and felt more powerful than those who took a roll with equal calories and volume to itself. (Source: Focus)

Burn-Out of Workers Increases Dramatically

Time pressure, bullying, constant stress, more and more working people in Germany suffer according to a study psychological stress and burn-out. Affected feel burned out, exhausted and overworked, imposed on business billion damage. Here, psychologists say, is stress resistance to learn – to a certain degree.

A new study by the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP) shows that it is not looking good for the mental health of the German workers. For its annual report, the psychologist who viewed this year, the world of work – and registered in the period between 2001 and 2005 a sharp increase in days lost due to psychological problems and burnout.

That the number of problems has increased, is clearly visible. Within half a decade, therefore, the proportion doubled to total sick days of employees almost: from 6.6 to 10.5 percent. According to statistics corresponding to a production loss of 4.4 billion euros per year.

More burn-out at higher loads

In principle, one could also explain the fact that doctors and workers was watching just accurate for some time and would belong the increased numbers. But these explanations do not apply the psychologists: Precarious work, conflicting demands, time constraints, lack of predictability of the work have greatly exacerbated the situation. There are also the report says lack of opportunities for participation in the company, precarious work as temporary work and temporary employment, and lack of appreciation from superiors – and a mismatch between labor and salary.

This lack is reflected alleging BDP in the mental stress of employees down. Heavy workload lead not only to a higher number of sick days for psychological reasons. Even the working climate was changing, intrigue and bullying were increasing. The occupational segregation of partners leads to psychological stress. A particular problem is the women who called with work and family work stronger – and often just too overwhelmed – be.

Teachers and health professionals more frequently affected

The report devotes special chapter occupational groups, for example, also get teachers. Your problems arise, according to the report BDP mainly by the lack of balance will, Shall and ability. The persistently high number of early retirements, particularly at primary and secondary schools is alarming. Almost one in four teachers had to leave his job early.

In response to the increased loads psychologists call increased efforts in enterprises, for example in the human resources and organizational development. In addition, stressed workers should take prevention programs for stress management to complete, after all, it is trainable to a certain degree to be more resistant to external stress and crisis situations.

With Acupuncture Against Hay Fever

Hay fever causes a lot of disturbing symptoms – from itching or difficulty breathing to allergic asthma. Acupuncture is not only an effective, but above all a gentle form of treatment for sufferers. Especially now during the peak period of pollen, acupuncture treatment can be helpful in relieving and minimizing the annoying symptoms of acute symptoms.

As a rule, six to eight acupuncture treatments are required to achieve the desired effect. A session lasts about 25 minutes and is experienced by patients as very relaxing. Our experience shows that especially a combination of body and ear acupuncture shows a good effectiveness. This effect usually lasts for about a year, but it is quite possible that the treatment also works over several hay fever seasons.

Our experience shows that acupuncture for acute care should not begin until the first symptoms appear. Strong hay fever medication can be dispensed with in many cases.

For further inquiries, we are always happy to help!

Immune Cure – Strengthen Your Immune System

An adult experienced on average 2-5 colds a year, are a thing seemingly banal colds among the most common diseases in general. Most of them are in a cold is a virus-induced acute infection of the upper respiratory tract. Despite their frequent occurrence, there is still no school medical agent that fights “the” cold in their cause.

The reason for this is the large number of different types of viruses that can cause a cold. Most cold remedies aim therefore from forward to relieve the typical symptoms such as cough, cold and hoarseness. So it does not even come to a cold, should be prevented in time and boost the immune system. Modern homeopathic and vitamin C as scavengers can thereby be used in support.

Homeopathic combination preparations are easy to use and activate the self-healing powers of the organism – just as nature provides. In the form of an infusion therapy, we focus a different homeopathic preparations in combination with vitamin C. The active ingredients are combined so that they are directed against a wide range of causes as possible succinct disease.

– Infect
– cold prophylaxis
– fatigue
– Allergies
– Chronic pain and inflammation

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Tick-borne encephalitits (TBE) and TBE-vaccination

Ticks are on the increase in Germany. They can transmit the so-called tick-borne encephalitis that is caused by a virus. More and more districts are declared TBE risk areas by German health organisations such as the Robert Koch Institute. Being infected with TBE can lead to severe paralyzation and even lead to death. The only effective protection available is a vaccination.

So far, only 12 % of the German population have received vaccinations against TBE. 9 % have started vaccinations but failed to receive the last and most important dose for ensuring long-term protection. Having received only incomplete vaccinations leaves patients as unprotected as if they hadn’t been vaccinated at all. A lot of patients who haven’t been vaccinated fear vaccination side-effects. Especially the TBE vaccination has been proven to be tolerated very well though.

There are different schemes for carrying out the vaccinations. Three doses of vaccines within an interval of 21 days are necessary for achieving a fast immunization. In order to ensure a long-term protection of 3 years another dose has to be given after 12 months. The basic immunization is then complete. To secure a continuous protection a further dose should be given every three years.

The vaccination against TBE is covered by the compulsory German health insurance. In 2006, 547 cases of TBE were registered in Germany – a new record since the begin of registration in 2001.

You are welcome to receive the TBE vaccination at our practice, as well as other vaccinations.

Travel vaccinations

About 65.4 million holiday travels were made by Germans last year, and at least 4 million of these were long-distance journeys. Countries of the Carribean are especially popular travel destinations, as well as Thailand and Egypt. If you are planning to visit the subtropics or the tropics you need to have important travel vaccinations.

The Carribean is part of the subtropics, as are Egypt, California, South Africa and parts of Australia.Visitors planning to travel to these or other high-risk destinations should get detailed medical advice before they start their journey as tourists from Europe.

The hygienic standards of these countries are usually below those of Germany. In addition to the usual vaccinations against tetanus and diphtheria you should therefore also be vaccinated against hepatitis A. For travellers to destinations in the tropics the vaccination against hepatitis B is also important. A vaccination against polio can make sense as well and travellers to countries in the tropics are strongly advised to receive one. Back-packing tourists who want to eat at simple local restaurants should receive a vaccination against typhus. Sometimes vaccinations against meningococcal meningitis or rabies can be necessary, too.

Every travel country regulates the necessary travel vaccinations by law. In most cases, travellers are expected to be protected against yellow fever. Some countries also expect vaccinations against cholera. Saudi Arabia commands that all Hajj pilgrims and seasonal workers are vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis. This vaccination can also make sense for people travelling to the meningococcal belt of Africa. Exchange pupils and students going to Great Britain should also be vaccinated against serotype C.

People travelling to high-risk countries such as India and Vietnam and tourists suffering from chronic diseases should receicve vaccinations against typhus. Vaccinations against TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) can be advisable, other indication vaccinations against rabies or Japanese encephalitis are rarely necessary.

You are welcome to receive any information you need at our practice and we would like to assist you with any questions that may arise concerning your necessary travel vaccinations. All necessary vaccinations can be received at our practice.