The German Nutrition Society (DGE) According to Germany about 60 percent of the population are insufficiently supplied according to international criteria with vitamin D.


Find out if you even as nearly 90% of people in our latitudes suffer from vitamin D deficiency!

Vitamin-D is formed to about 90 percent in the skin – but only under the in fl uence of the sun. In addition to the well-documented role of Vitamin-D in preventing osteoporosis, the fat-soluble vitamin is also discussed in connection with the occurrence of autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and depression. Therefore it is useful to determine the Vitamin-D status.

We determine on request directly from us in practice with a secure, reliable test whether you have a vitamin D deficiency is present. this would require only a drop of blood – the test result is only 10 minutes before. Should yours be a shortage you get any other information that can be done by us.

If you have further questions or to make an appointment for consultation and blood collection, you can contact us feel free.