Burn-Out of Workers Increases Dramatically

Time pressure, bullying, constant stress, more and more working people in Germany suffer according to a study psychological stress and burn-out. Affected feel burned out, exhausted and overworked, imposed on business billion damage. Here, psychologists say, is stress resistance to learn – to a certain degree.

A new study by the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP) shows that it is not looking good for the mental health of the German workers. For its annual report, the psychologist who viewed this year, the world of work – and registered in the period between 2001 and 2005 a sharp increase in days lost due to psychological problems and burnout.

That the number of problems has increased, is clearly visible. Within half a decade, therefore, the proportion doubled to total sick days of employees almost: from 6.6 to 10.5 percent. According to statistics corresponding to a production loss of 4.4 billion euros per year.

More burn-out at higher loads

In principle, one could also explain the fact that doctors and workers was watching just accurate for some time and would belong the increased numbers. But these explanations do not apply the psychologists: Precarious work, conflicting demands, time constraints, lack of predictability of the work have greatly exacerbated the situation. There are also the report says lack of opportunities for participation in the company, precarious work as temporary work and temporary employment, and lack of appreciation from superiors – and a mismatch between labor and salary.

This lack is reflected alleging BDP in the mental stress of employees down. Heavy workload lead not only to a higher number of sick days for psychological reasons. Even the working climate was changing, intrigue and bullying were increasing. The occupational segregation of partners leads to psychological stress. A particular problem is the women who called with work and family work stronger – and often just too overwhelmed – be.

Teachers and health professionals more frequently affected

The report devotes special chapter occupational groups, for example, also get teachers. Your problems arise, according to the report BDP mainly by the lack of balance will, Shall and ability. The persistently high number of early retirements, particularly at primary and secondary schools is alarming. Almost one in four teachers had to leave his job early.

In response to the increased loads psychologists call increased efforts in enterprises, for example in the human resources and organizational development. In addition, stressed workers should take prevention programs for stress management to complete, after all, it is trainable to a certain degree to be more resistant to external stress and crisis situations.