Immune system - a strong immune-system will help you against many diseases

Immune Cure – Strengthen Your Immune System

An adult experienced on average 2-5 colds a year, are a thing seemingly banal colds among the most common diseases in general. Most of them are in a cold is a virus-induced acute infection of the upper respiratory tract. Despite their frequent occurrence, there is still no school medical agent that fights “the” cold in their cause.

The reason for this is the large number of different types of viruses that can cause a cold. Most cold remedies aim therefore from forward to relieve the typical symptoms such as cough, cold and hoarseness. So it does not even come to a cold, should be prevented in time and boost the immune system. Modern homeopathic and vitamin C as scavengers can thereby be used in support.

Homeopathic combination preparations are easy to use and activate the self-healing powers of the organism – just as nature provides. In the form of an infusion therapy, we focus a different homeopathic preparations in combination with vitamin C. The active ingredients are combined so that they are directed against a wide range of causes as possible succinct disease.

– Infect
– cold prophylaxis
– fatigue
– Allergies
– Chronic pain and inflammation

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