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Influenza approaching – make sure you are protected!

Viral flu (influenza) is approaching as in every year. It is transmitted easily via droplet infection, e.g. by sneezing, coughing or shaking hands. This simple way of infection makes virtually everyone vulnerable to catching influenza, even completely healthy people. The infection risk is therefore highest where a lot of people meet, e.g. in public transport, working areas, schools or shopping centers. The only effective protection is a vaccination against influenza.

Die every year in Germany about 500 people from AIDS, about 6,000 people on the road and up to 15,000 people at the viral flu. The annual flu vaccination is the only preventive measure, which can reduce the health risks of influenza in all age groups. As the strains of influenza viruses are characterized by an amazing adaptability, must be vaccinated against the currently active agents every fall again. The term of protection is generally 6 months to 1 year.

For questions about flu and vaccinations, we are happy to help in our practice. The most common patient questions about the flu shot we have also together for you here:

What symptoms indicate a genuine virus flu? – Sudden onset: Patients feel suddenly very ill and weak – fever over 39 ° C – chills / sweats – headache – muscle joint pain – Dry cough

In the common cold, the “runny nose” main symptom is; Fever usually does not exist.

How to Protect flu vaccines? Influenza vaccines activate the human immune system and cause it to antibodies against the influenza surface receptor hemagglutinin (HA) to form. The vaccine protection begins at the earliest after a week and is completely formed after about two weeks. The HA antibodies prevent infection, because the virus can not attach to their target cells.

When is the best time to get vaccinated? Vaccination is recommended in the fall (September through November), so that the protection is built in time for the flu season. Often, influenza activity began in our region until the beginning of the new year; even a vaccine is available for people who want to protect still possible and useful, as long observations in Europe have shown that epidemics can still prevail until the end of March / early April.

Can a flu shot trigger a flu? The vaccines are free of infectious particles, but isolated and purified ingredients (antigens) of the virus. You can not cause flu. Often my vaccinated, they would now be immune from all cold viruses. But influenza vaccines can only provide protection against the real virus flu. There is also no clinical evidence that inadvertent vaccination in the incubation of an infection or an influenza infection may usher in an aggravation of the impending disease.

Can the vaccine have serious side effects? Influenza vaccines are very well tolerated. In relation to the annual vaccinated doses very few adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are reported. Of course, it can sometimes come or local reactions at the injection site for a short time to general symptoms such as mild fever and malaise. This vaccine reactions normally disappear after a few days spontaneously without treatment.