Protein rich nutrition is helpful for slimming

Protein-Rich Diet Helps With Weight Loss

Depending protein-rich diet, the better to control appetite succeed: A study shows that protein-rich diet reduces hunger and increases satiety. Researchers at the University of Missouri have shown that a protein-rich diet makes full longer and therefore the total number of calories per day significantly behind that of other diets remains – just in case of obese men who want to lose weight.

According to the study, published in the journal “Obesity”, a high protein content in the diet leads to less food cravings at night and in the morning. The researchers divided their small study, 27 subjects into two groups. In one passed 25 percent of the food of protein, in the other it was only 14 percent. For both groups, the total daily calories and the fat content in the diet in about were the same.

Heather Leidy, study author and professor at the University of Missouri, yet observed a clear advantage for the group with high-protein diet. “Diets in which 18 to 35 percent of calories come from proteins, require a reduced hunger and an increased feeling of satiety throughout the day and evening hours away,” says the researcher.

During the study, Leidy and her colleagues also conducted a sub-study to Esshäufigkeit. In it, participants in both groups fed either three or six times a day. For those who had a normal protein in the diet, it did not matter how often they ate. For the group with a high protein content that was different: those who only ate three times a day were evening and night richer than those who ate six times a day.

High protein breakfast makes up for the day

This study confirms previous research that showed that higher protein diets, including bringing breakfasts with egg, a lower overall calories throughout a day with them. A study published last year showed that men about 112 kilocalories less consumed at a buffet lunch, and 400 kilocalories one parten throughout the day when they were started with a protein-rich breakfast of eggs in the day. Another study revealed that obese Decreasing the eggs eaten for breakfast lost 65 percent more weight and felt more powerful than those who took a roll with equal calories and volume to itself. (Source: Focus)