Tick - vaccinate and prevent against TBE virus and paralysis

Tick-borne encephalitits (TBE) and TBE-vaccination

Ticks are on the increase in Germany. They can transmit the so-called tick-borne encephalitis that is caused by a virus. More and more districts are declared TBE risk areas by German health organisations such as the Robert Koch Institute. Being infected with TBE can lead to severe paralyzation and even lead to death. The only effective protection available is a vaccination.

So far, only 12 % of the German population have received vaccinations against TBE. 9 % have started vaccinations but failed to receive the last and most important dose for ensuring long-term protection. Having received only incomplete vaccinations leaves patients as unprotected as if they hadn’t been vaccinated at all. A lot of patients who haven’t been vaccinated fear vaccination side-effects. Especially the TBE vaccination has been proven to be tolerated very well though.

There are different schemes for carrying out the vaccinations. Three doses of vaccines within an interval of 21 days are necessary for achieving a fast immunization. In order to ensure a long-term protection of 3 years another dose has to be given after 12 months. The basic immunization is then complete. To secure a continuous protection a further dose should be given every three years.

The vaccination against TBE is covered by the compulsory German health insurance. In 2006, 547 cases of TBE were registered in Germany – a new record since the begin of registration in 2001.

You are welcome to receive the TBE vaccination at our practice, as well as other vaccinations.