Travel vaccinations abroad for rabies, meningitis, tetanus, hepatitis

Travel vaccinations

About 65.4 million holiday travels were made by Germans last year, and at least 4 million of these were long-distance journeys. Countries of the Carribean are especially popular travel destinations, as well as Thailand and Egypt. If you are planning to visit the subtropics or the tropics you need to have important travel vaccinations.

The Carribean is part of the subtropics, as are Egypt, California, South Africa and parts of Australia.Visitors planning to travel to these or other high-risk destinations should get detailed medical advice before they start their journey as tourists from Europe.

The hygienic standards of these countries are usually below those of Germany. In addition to the usual vaccinations against tetanus and diphtheria you should therefore also be vaccinated against hepatitis A. For travellers to destinations in the tropics the vaccination against hepatitis B is also important. A vaccination against polio can make sense as well and travellers to countries in the tropics are strongly advised to receive one. Back-packing tourists who want to eat at simple local restaurants should receive a vaccination against typhus. Sometimes vaccinations against meningococcal meningitis or rabies can be necessary, too.

Every travel country regulates the necessary travel vaccinations by law. In most cases, travellers are expected to be protected against yellow fever. Some countries also expect vaccinations against cholera. Saudi Arabia commands that all Hajj pilgrims and seasonal workers are vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis. This vaccination can also make sense for people travelling to the meningococcal belt of Africa. Exchange pupils and students going to Great Britain should also be vaccinated against serotype C.

People travelling to high-risk countries such as India and Vietnam and tourists suffering from chronic diseases should receicve vaccinations against typhus. Vaccinations against TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) can be advisable, other indication vaccinations against rabies or Japanese encephalitis are rarely necessary.

You are welcome to receive any information you need at our practice and we would like to assist you with any questions that may arise concerning your necessary travel vaccinations. All necessary vaccinations can be received at our practice.