Acupuncture is a proven technique against hay-fever

With Acupuncture Against Hay Fever

Hay fever causes a lot of disturbing symptoms – from itching or difficulty breathing to allergic asthma. Acupuncture is not only an effective, but above all a gentle form of treatment for sufferers. Especially now during the peak period of pollen, acupuncture treatment can be helpful in relieving and minimizing the annoying symptoms of acute symptoms.

As a rule, six to eight acupuncture treatments are required to achieve the desired effect. A session lasts about 25 minutes and is experienced by patients as very relaxing. Our experience shows that especially a combination of body and ear acupuncture shows a good effectiveness. This effect usually lasts for about a year, but it is quite possible that the treatment also works over several hay fever seasons.

Our experience shows that acupuncture for acute care should not begin until the first symptoms appear. Strong hay fever medication can be dispensed with in many cases.

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